McLaren SLR inc. 722S Sport Exhaust (2003-09)




A lightweight straight through system that gives the SLR a sound to be remembered.

The system offers a wonderful muscle rich sound  which has been likened by some to a WWII Spitfire plane than a super car which is not recommended for the feint hearted!

We have removed the heavy and baffled silencer boxes from each side which unrestricted the gas flow exiting the car.

Doing this improves throttle response and other areas of weight related performance.



– Wonderful unrestricted super car sound.

– Stainless Steel with Volcanic Black Ceramic Coating or Titanium Ultralight.

– Improved throttle response.

– Retains original tips to keep the look.



– An elitist sports car sound – deep muscle rich presence.

– Designed to be much lighter to aid performance.

– Improved throttle response.

– Retains the OE tips to keep the look.

– Benefits all areas of performance.



49.6 kilos ~ 109 lbs13.6 kilos ~ 30 lbs36 kilos ~ 79 lbs




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