Aston Martin DB11 V8 Titan Sport System with Sound Architect™ (2018 on)



Give your DB11 the rich sound it deserves with our Titan Sport Exhaust.

Designed and developed by our in-house Titan Division this exhaust features a Titanium silencer and integrated balance pipes to diversify the sound in pitch and volume and remove the unnecessary valves that dilute this car’s performance and natural sound.

The QuickSilver Exhaust provides a sound that is directly connected to the driver’s right foot.

This system also removes an impressive 5.8 kilos from the rear of car helping to improve weight related performance.

The result is a truly spectacular sound giving a full, almost old-fashioned, Aston Martin experience.

We offer two Versions of this system, an Active Valve version which has two different paths for the exhaust gasses to pass through (Loud and Less Loud!) this is determined by a Valve controlled by the driver. We also offer a NON valved system for the Aston Martin Purist which reduces the weight even further and only has one direct (Loud) free flowing path for the gasses to follow.

We also offer secondary catalyst delete pipes for even more improved, weight reduction and a crisper sound. 

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